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The Practice

We practice the following forms:-
- Cheng Manqing 37-move Short Form
- Yang Chengfu 108-move Long Form
- Huang Xingxian Fast Form
- 8 basic Fixed Pattern Pushing-Hands
- 8 advanced Fixed Pattern Pushing-Hands.

Class includes guided meditation with the aim of "the gentle path of internal refinement".


The great purpose

is the purpose of life itself - Internal Evolution. All people come on to the Earth with this purpose, but most quickly forget why they are here. Enmeshed in the physical world their whole life serves merely the survival of the body. The physical and social edifices of society, intended as forms within which humanity may evolve, become prisons. Many dream of escape but few find the practical path to freedom.

"Patrick Kelly"

True taij

We emphasize Chen's waist movements, Yang's front thrust and Wu's borrowing power.. We would like to follow the teachings of my teachers: "Follow the roots and return to the taiji principles before the formation of different genres."


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More Information

As well as our weekly free taichi classes we also offer ongoing public classes for those wishing to deepen their taichi with more individual attention and in a beautiful park surrounding the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Please fill in the contact form if you wish to participate in public classes and require more information or book online for our weekly free taichi classes