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The immediate benefits of tai chi training to physical and mental health are gained through relaxing and releasing, noticeable in better body awareness and postural alignment, the generation of vital energy (qi), and improved balance and co-ordination through correct breathing patterns and gentle movements.

Through longer term practice, awareness as intention, the integration of body, mind and spirit, and sensitivity and inner listening will progressively develop. Tai-chi is renowned for mitigating ailments such as RSI, joint injuries and mobility problems as well as improving the psychological and general well-being of participants, making the practice ideal for sportspeople, golfers, musicians and the deskbound: specific sets of exercises can be devised to suit particular occupational hazards.

The practice of taiji also offers insight into Chinese historical culture, philosophy and spirituality.

Taiji is often referred to as the "gentle way of exercising" and is one of the the safest ways to stay physically and mentally alert and healthy. The gentle dance like movement invigorate the body, mind and spirit; are easy to learn; are accesable to people of all ages and levels of fitness.

Research has proven that both taiji and qigong improve health, strength, balance, concentration and mental well-being
The internal organs, muscles, sinews, ligaments, tendons and other fascia tissues, as well as the bones are strengthened through the constant lifting and sinking of the body. The stretching and un-stretching of the muscles, and the compression of the bones all assist in improving posture, alignment and a general feeling of well being.

Careful attention to the alignment of joints minimises injury and establishes a strong and clear intentionĀ of the vertical alignment of the body and it's corresponding central equilibrium.

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Davison Richard

3 days ago

I have learnt the first section of the Yang style short form as well as the five basic lossening up exercises and have found both to be immensely valuable and benficial. It is a priveledge to have been offered and attended these local free tai chi classes.

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Richards Beckie

5 days ago

Following the steps and principles of these tai chi classes, I have gained self confidence, balance and a deeper sense of inner quiet and strength.

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Weinhardt Joseph

February 22,, 2019

I have vastly improved my balance and coordination since joining the tai chi classes. Highly recommended for those beginners wishing to improve their well being.

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Larry Friedberg

July 24, 2018

Am very happy to offer these free community weekly tai chi classes.

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